Regular assessments

Introduction meetings with the PhD coordinator and the PhD coach

Ph.d.-Coaching 1. session




PhD Coaching 2. session in connection with the written evaluation

Written evaluation

Interview with the head of the PhD school in connection with the written evaluation

Meeting with the PhD school: Follow-up on completed study elements

1-2 ½ months after start

½ year after start

17 months after start

18 months after start

18- 19 months after start

1 year before submission date

Evaluation of the study will take full account of documented illness, maternity leave and other approved leave.

The PhD school may at any time during the program ask the student and the principal supervisor to submit a written account of the student’s activities. The student can always book a meeting with the PhD school and PhD coach.

At the half-way conversation with the head of the PhD school the study progress is examined on the basis of the written evaluation and the original research and study plan. The PhD school makes the final assessment of the individual student's progression.

The assessment is made on the basis of the opinion from the principal supervisor who, after discussions with the student confirms that the PhD study progresses according to the research and study plan, or must account for necessary adjustments that need to be made. After the PhD School’s assessment of the evaluation, the PhD student has the opportunity, to comment on the report within a period of 2 weeks.

If the evaluation is not approved, the student is offered three months to rectify the situation. The student and the principal supervisor shall, within 5 days from the announcement that the evaluation is not approved, submit a statement of reasons for the lack of progression, as well as submit a time plan for the remainder of the study. The opportunity to rectify the PhD study is given only once during the PhD program. The 3 months must not in itself lead to an extension of the PhD program. If it is estimated by the PhD school that after the 3 months the study is not rectified the enrollment is ceases.

The PhD thesis cannot be assessed if the student has not participated in the PhD program’s required evaluations and interviews.

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