Faculty criteria for admission to the PhD programme

Pursuant to the Ministerial Order on the PhD Programme at the Universities, the University lays down internal rules for the criteria on which admission to the PhD programme is to be based. The Faculty of Engineering uses the following assessment criteria.

Enrollment into the faculty’s PhD school happens on the basis of a university education, in length and educational level equivalent to a Danish Master’s degree, kandidatuddannelse. The Danish master’s degree is obtained after successfully completing a bachelor’s education of 180 ECTS points (3 years of study)
and subsequently a master’s education, kandidatuddannelse of 120 ECTS points (2 years of study).

In order to be eligible for enrollment in the faculty’s PhD programme a candidate must:

Have a master’s degree, kandidatgrad, that is relevant to the proposed PhD project and the PhD study at The Faculty of Engineering

                             1. Verified copies of bachelor diploma and transcript
                             2. Verified copies of master’s diploma and transcript

Please note the definition of verified:
Verified official transcripts of exams in English or Danish translation and verified copy of bachelor diploma and master’s diploma - All documentation must be officially translated into English. All documents must be verified. Verified means that your home university or a public notary verifies that the copy is a true copy of the original document. Each page of the copy must be stamped with the original stamp of the verifying institution and added the text: “True copy of the original document” and signed with a blue pen.

Meet one of the two levels for grade point averages:

                   1. for the entire master's programme (ie both bachelor and master's programme or equivalent) have achieved a weighted grade point average of                         at least 8.2 on the 7-point scale or 9 on a 13 scale
                   2. For a Danish two-year master’s degree alone: A weighted average of at least 9.5 on the Danish 7-step scale or 9.4 on the Danish 13 scale

At least have attained a grade of 10 (Danish scale) for any final thesis/examination project. Applicants from programmes that evaluate theses by approved/not approved must submit a verified written statement or assessment of the thesis or dissertation project given by the programmes educational institution.
It is possible to apply with a candidate whose final thesis has not yet been graded. If the candidate meets all other requirements, approval can be given on the condition that the candidate attains a grade of at least 10 for the thesis.
It is required to attach to the application a calculation of the weighted average converted to the Danish 7-point grading scale. The PhD school’s special form for calculating must be used for this purpose.

It is required that applicants with a foreign education on graduate level have the same grade point average as applicants with a Danish degree.

An official document describing the educational structure and the grading scheme of the awarding university must be provided.

Exemption from grade requirements
A candidate with a slightly lower grade average or thesis grade than required can be considered for enrollment if the candidate has other relevant qualifications. In order of priority, these are:
                   • Peer-reviewed articles published in acknowledged scientific journals or other relevant
                        research experience
                   • Significant professional experience with the project subject
                   • Improved grades during the education or high grades in project relevant subjects

The qualifications are assessed relative to how far the candidate is from the required grade averages and how relevant the qualifications are for the project.

Retroactive enrollment:

  • As a general rule retroactive enrollment is not possible
  • Retroactive enrollment is therefore only possible if special circumstances apply
  • Although special circumstances may apply, retroactive enrollment only possible if it leaves sufficient time for the PhD school and the PhD committee to process the request for enrollment
  • Each request for retroactive enrollment is processed and evaluated individually

Retroactive enrollment can only take place if the PhD committee assesses that the PhD student, despite the retroactive enrollment:

  •  Will get a PhD education in the total of 180 ECTS points
  • Get optimal supervision in the beginning of their PhD education
    - and
  • that the PhD Committee and the PhD School / Administration have sufficient processing time for the quality assurance of:
  1. the admission of the candidate (assessment of qualifications) and
  2. the PhD plan, so that it can be processed and approved within 3 months from the starting date of the enrollment.

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