Research Training Programme "Energy and Environmentally Efficient Technologies"

This research program is interdisciplinary, focusing on system perspective and overall assessment of technological solutions. The associated research team includes nationally and internationally leading expertise in both analysis and synthesis: in part, environmental and energy system analysis, ie.  to understand and cope with environmental and energy dimension of technological development, and in part, synthesis, ie. the ability to create environment-and energy-friendly technology. The combination of these two areas of research constitutes the area's character and cohesion.

Analysis competencies include:

  • environmental and energy modeling, life cycle assessment of products and systems, LCA
    energy systems, energy technologies, energy markets and system integrationindustrial processes and systems
    biotechnological systems, bio-waste, manure, stable systems
    food systems
    waste systems
    wastewater systems

Our expertise in creating solutions include innovation, product development and operational excellence with a focus on:

  • product development, design and innovation processes, including user-driven innovation and eco-innovation
    sensors, actuators, software and IT management and process optimization
    process integration and process optimization in industrial production, including chemical synthesis
    eco-design of products
    technologies for recycling of resources and energy from manure, bio-refineries
    housing systems
    greenhouses, horticulture
    mechanical weed control in agriculture, use of robots
    fuel cells
    recovery of functionality, materials, resources and energy in waste streams.

Research expertise is made available to PhD students through both individual research projects, joint seminars as an extended training program. There is access to laboratory facilities for the experimental PhD - projects, as well as various models and computer tools for modeling of energy systems, product handling systems including their energy, resource and environmental aspects.

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