Submission of the PhD thesis

Conditions for submission of thesis

The PhD thesis, and all appendices required, must be submitted to the faculty’s PhD administration office.

It is possible to get the thesis printed at SDU at Print & Sign. Please contact them well in advance. Please be advised that when you have your thesis printed at a printing company 2 copies are automatically sent from the printer's to the Royal Danish Library for public access.

The following conditions must be met before a PhD thesis may be registered as being submitted to the Faculty and submitted for assessment.

The PhD student must prior to handing in the PhD thesis have sent an email to the PhD school at that includes the following documents:

  • a screen-dump in a pdf file of the student having registered his/her thesis in PU:RE and set the status to “submitted” . Do NOT upload a pdf of the thesis in PU:RE!
  • the student’s life biography in a word file
  • the principal supervisor’s statement in English concerning the entire course of PhD studies, including the completion of the individual components of the Research and Study Plan. The statement must be submitted in a pdf file
  • a brief popular scientific abstract in English of the PhD thesis. The abstract must be written using widely understood scientific terminology and comprise about one A4 page. The abstract must be submitted in a pdf file
  • reporting form for Statistics Denmark. The latest version of the form is found on Statistics Denmark’s website (Obtained Ph.D. degree and discontinued Ph.D.). The form must be submitted in a pdf file
  • a library form

The PhD thesis must be submitted as follows:

  • seven printed copies in English of the PhD thesis, which belong to the Faculty, must be submitted. The copies will be distributed to the following parties as follows: the assessment committee (3), the principal supervisor (1), the department (1) and the University of Southern Denmark Library (1), The PhD School (1);
  • the PhD thesis must be submitted in bound copies, i.e. attached to the document’s spine as a minimum;
  • the PhD thesis must include an abstract both in Danish and in English which must be placed in the beginning of the thesis;
  • co-author statements must be bound into each of the copies of the PhD thesis (in the back of the thesis;

A receipt acknowledging the submission will be issued, provided that the thesis meets the Faculty’s requirements and that all submission conditions have been met.

If in his/her statement, the principal supervisor states that the PhD programme was not completed satisfactorily, it must be possible for the author to present his/her remarks to the principal supervisor’s statement within at least two weeks.

In the event that the PhD student’s principal supervisor issues a negative statement, the head of the PhD School will assess whether the entire PhD programme has been completed satisfactorily and will base this assessment on the principal supervisor’s statement, any remarks by the author and the regular assessments.

 The thesis may only be considered for assessment if the entire PhD programme has been satisfactorily completed: the principal supervisor’s statement must be positive, courses equivalent to around 30 ECTS credits must have been passed, knowledge-dissemination requirements must have been met and a change of research environment must have occurred pursuant to the internal rules for this.

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