Change of title og postponement og submission deadline

Application for exemption from the submission deadline

In special circumstances the PhD committee can decide to approve an application for extension of the submission deadline.

Exemptions are only granted on the basis of documented unexpected special circumstances that have delayed the project.

PhD students must apply to the PhD Committee for the approval of extension of the submission deadline as soon as he/she realizes that it is not possible to complete the project on time.

The application must be submitted at the latest 1 month before the original deadline and must include a realistic time plan for completing the study programme and be approved by the principal supervisor and the head of the department with which the student is associated. The time plan may at most have a six-month timeframe calculated from the original date of submission. If this student is employed by the faculty, the payment of wages will cease after the original submission deadline.

If the PhD student does not hand in by the original deadline and has not submitted an application in due time, his/her enrolment in the PhD programme can be brought to an end without further notice.

The PhD Committee makes the final approval of an application for extension of the submission deadline.

Usually only one extension of the submission deadline will be granted during the course of a PhD study.  Extension of the submission deadline can only be granted twice.

Change of title

Changing the title of the PhD thesis in relation to the approved Research and Study Plan must be applied for from the PhD Committee (exemption application) at the latest 1,5 month before the deadline for submission.  The application must be recommended by the supervisor.

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