Calculation of ECTS credits

The Graduate Schools of Health Sciences at the University of Copenhagen, Aarhus University and the University of Southern Denmark have agreed on a common policy for calculating and allocating ECTS credits for PhD courses. 

Calculation of ECTS credits

  • 1 ECTS credit equals 25 work hours; in reality, we use the rule of 10:1, which means that 1 course lesson (=1 hour) gives 0.1 ECTS credits, assuming a preparation factor of 1.5
  • The ECTS calculation includes scheduled lessons, obligatory home assignments and exams
  • ECTS credits for Summer Schools are calculated in the same way as for the PhD courses 

Recognition of ECTS credits

  • When you participate in PhD courses offered by other Danish universities, foreign universities or comparable institutions, the number of ECTS credits is determined by that institution
  • For other courses, the PhD School calculates the ECTS credits according to the calculation above 

Example 1:
A traditional "attendance course" with lectures, practical exercises and workshops begins at 9am and ends at 5pm on the same day - 8 course lessons including breaks = 0.8 ECTS credits 

Example 2:
A course that includes an introductory day (9am-3pm), an obligatory home assignment (estimated at 10 hours) and a final day with presentations and discussions (9am-1pm):

Introductory day = 6 hours including breaks = 0.6 ECTS
Home assignment = 10 hours = 1.0 ECTS 
Final day = 4 hours including breaks = 0.4 ECTS

In total for participating in the course = 2.0 ECTS credits

Example 3:
A course consisting of 4 days of attendance (9am-4pm) and a 4-hour written exam followed by 1 hours of rounding-off:

Attendance days = 4x7 hours including breaks = 28 hours = 2.8 ECTS
Final day = 5 hours = 0.5 ECTS

In total for participating in the course = 3.3 ECTS credits



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