Subsidy for PhD courses

As a PhD student at the Faculty of Health Sciences, you can apply for financial support to participate in PhD courses.

PhD students’ participation in the management of COVID19 crisis

As a PhD-student at the Faculty of Health, SDU you may be part of the management of the COVID19 crisis. This can be in three ways:

1:    You are asked to stay prepared, but you are not yet active.

  • Your PhD continues unchanged.

2:    You are prepared and active with some extra shifts in the clinic or similar.

  • Your contribution in the crisis response is considered as an extra job. The Graduate School of Health accepts during the COVID crisis up to 40 hours per month of additional work.

3:    You are active and contributing to the crisis response with more than 40 hours per month.

  • Achieve documentation from the relevant workplace, typical clinical- or university department, on the number of full-time days you are working as a COVID19 resource. If you are part-time employed, you must convert the number of hours/shifts to full-time days.
  • Apply ASAP by the standard form for extension or leave of absence
  • Be aware of your salary during your time as an active COVID19 resource. You must reserve your research budget for an extended enrollment. Consult your SDU department for advice. The Graduate School has no budgets to cover enrollment extensions!