Subsidy for PhD courses

As a PhD student at the Faculty of Health Sciences, you can apply for financial support to participate in PhD courses.
We distinguish between two categories of courses: PhD courses under the "Open Market" agreement, and all other PhD courses.

  • Open Market PhD courses
    You can apply for financial support to participate in as many “Open market” courses as is relevant for you.   Read more about  the Open Market for PhD courses. 

  • Other PhD courses (not Open Market)
    During your course of study, you can receive one subsidy for a PhD course outside the "Open Market" of up to DKK 10,000 to (fully or partially) cover expenses related to course fee, travel with public transportation and hotel accommodation. This includes (but is not limited to) courses offered by universities outside Denmark and courses offered by private organizations, and also some courses that are offered by other SDU institutions than the Graduate School at the Faculty of Health Sciences.

How to apply for a subsidy

Please send a short application to Your application must contain information on the following:

  • Your name, department and research unit
  • Address for your main workplace
  • Course category (Open Market / Other)
  • Course title
  • Course location
  • Dates
  • Course description/programme, as an attachment (a link will NOT Work!) 
  • Budget for the expenses including course fee, transport and any accommodation(please leave room for a possible price increase)
  • Price suggestion from Egencia
  • If the budgeted amount exceeds DKK 10,000, the source covering the remaining expenses must be accounted for in the application.

Please note that tickets and hotel accommodation must be booked through the Egencia travel agency. Please contact Egencia for a price estimate before applying.

If a subsidy is granted, the Graduate School will give you a grant number and instructions on how to book tickets etc. Please do not book tickets before you have this information.

Your application will in most cases be processed within a week.

Conditions and limitations
You can apply for financial support to participate in courses that are included in your PhD plan and/or other PhD courses offered by universities in Denmark or abroad. If you want to take a course that is not included in your PhD plan and is a PhD course as such, then you must enclose a statement from your main supervisor regarding the relevance of the course.

You must apply for a subsidy in due time (at least one week) before the course starts.  If you apply later than one week before the course starts, the Graduate School may not have time to handle the application before the course starts and you risk not getting a subsidy.

The Graduate School will not cover any course expenses if you do not have prior approval and does not grant subsidies retrospectively.

Financial support in connection with a course does not cover aspects such as a daily allowance for time used, food, use of own car/motorcycle or participation in conferences, congresses and symposia.

Transportations costs cover the journey from your Danish home address to the course venue and back.

If your are employed be the SDU, we cannot grant transportation costs if the course takes place in the same area as your main work place.

Please note that the Graduate School do not grant subsidies to courses and a study period abroad during the same period. It should be possible to plan your courses around your study period abroad.

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