Responsible conduct of research

Course description:
The course consists of four modules:

The overall learning objective is to stimulate reflection, awareness, and discussion of academic integrity and good scientific conduct; to strengthen your ability to conduct research according to the principles, rules, guidelines, traditions and possibilities of the profession of scholarship as practiced at University of Southern Denmark; to strengthen your ability to comply with rules and standards for data sampling, analysis and management; and to introduce you to key elements of scholarly publishing, authoring and authorship.

Form: For every module there is a three-hour lecture session with approximately two hours preparation and/or follow-up. You must complete all four modules.

To complete the course, you must attend all modules and submit the following assignments (deadline for all assignments is 20 February 2019):






Class attendance


  • Online questions (details in online module on Blackboard, Module 2)

Class attendance
Completionof onlinemodule.


  • Development of data management plan (details on Blackboard, Module 3)

Class attendance
Submission of data managementplan in essay form.


  • Development of publication strategy (details on Blackboard, Module 4)

Class attendanceSubmission of publication strategy in essay form,incl. ORCID number.

The possibility for uploading your assignments for module 3 & 4 opens on second course day. Detailed instructions on the assignments will be given in class.

Course credits: 2 (0,5 pr module)
Course teachers/organisers:
  • Research Librarian Mette Brandt Eriksen, PhD (SDUB)

  • Research Librarian  Anne Faber Hansen, PhD (SDUB)

  • Research Librarian  Daniella Bayle Deutz, PhD (SDUB)

  • Professor Charlotte Wien, PhD (SDUB)

  • Legal Advisor Lars Engelstoft (SDU Research & Innovation Organisation)

  • Professor Jan Frystyk, PhD (Department of  Clinical Research)

  • Information specialist Kirstin Remvig (SDUB)

  • Head of Section Jens Dam (SDUB)

Course fee:
The course is free of charge for PhD students enrolled in Universities that have joined the "Open market agreement"
For other participants, there is a course fee of DKK 2,609,-


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