Open market for PhD courses

The "Open market" agreement

According to the agreement between the Danish universities concerning Open Market to PhD Courses (text in Danish only), if you are enrolled as a PhD student in Denmark, you usually also have free access to PhD courses hosted by other Danish universities.

In some cases, however, there may be a fee for meals and materials. The individual PhD student must also finance any travel expenses in connection with the course.

As a PhD student at the Faculty of Health Sciences, you can apply for a subsidy to fully or partly cover these expenses. is a database covering most PhD courses hosted by Danish universities. It includes information on how to register for specific courses.


Courses not covered by the "Open market" agreement

Please note that not all courses on are NOT necessarily Open-market courses - it depends on whether the University has joined the agreement or not. As of 1 September 2016 CBS have not joined the agreement, thus their courses are not open market courses. 

PhD courses offered by universities outside Denmark are not covered by the "Open market" agreement. Neither are courses offered by private companies or organizations as well as some courses offered by Danish institutions and universities.

Please note that courses offered by the University of Southern Denmark's Centrale Uddannelsesudvalg ( are not covered by the "Open market" agreement.


Guests from abroad

Danish universities welcome PhD students from other countries as participants on our PhD courses. In most cases there will be a course fee.



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