PhD courses

In connection with your application for enrolment in the PhD programme we produce a temporary course plan, which is approved by the PhD committee. This course plan can be altered during the programmeIn principle, the PhD committee approves PhD courses offered by Danish universities and institutions of higher education and/or courses, recommended by your main supervisor. You can select these courses after consultation with your main supervisor.  

The graduate programmes at the Faculty of Health Sciences offer a range of graduate courses at the highest international level. Some courses are broad and provide skills that will be useful both within and outside the individual student's particular area of research. Other courses are highly specialized and focus on specific aspects of research (e.g. methodology).

As a PhD student, you need to choose which graduate programme you wish to be affiliated with - please discuss this with your main supervisor. PhD students enrolled at the Faculty have equal access to all courses offered by all graduate programmes.

Mandatory courses

There are two courses that all PhD students must complete, preferably within the first year of study. 
These are
Introduction to health research" (1 day/0.7 ETCS)

Responsible conduct of research - Elements of scholarship" (4 modules/2 ECTS).

The dates for these courses will be announced in due time.

Find courses and sign up!

In the menu on the right, you will find an overview of courses and information about how to apply for a course. 

Course registration

Places on each course are assigned on a "first come, first served" basis. The application deadline is 14 days before the start of the course, unless otherwise is stated in the course description.

The courses are administered by the Graduate School's course secretariat. You can contact us for information about course registration, location, etc.

If you participate in courses offered by other Danish institutions, please let us know, and we'll register your course in your file. 

It is possible to apply for credits for PhD courses that have been completed up to three years prior to enrolment as a PhD student.  

If you participate in international conferences and symposiums, and contribute with an oral presentation and/or a poster, you can apply the Graduate School to have it approved as a course elements with 2 ECTS credits (however, max. 6 ECTS credits in total for conference participation).

Proposals for new courses?

If you have a suggestion for a new course, please contact the relevant graduate programme. You can also contact us, in the Graduate School secretariat, who will then send the proposal on to the relevant graduate programme.

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