Advisory Board

The Advisory Board of The Graduate Programme in Heart, Kidney & Circulation is an advising body which consists of representatives from business partners and significant interested parties. At least one member should be from a university outside Denmark.

The Advisory Board determines its own working method, but is expected to meet on a yearly basis.

The members of the Advisory Board are appointed by the Dean after a nomination from the head of the graduate programme.

Members of Advisory Board:
        Prof. Henning Beck-Nielsen, Endocrinology (Institute of Clinical Research)
        Prof. Poul Erik Andersen, Radiology (Institute of Clinical Research)
        Prof. Lars Melholt Rasmussen, Clinical Biochemistry (Institute of Clinical Research)
        Prof. Knut Borch-Johnsen, Health Economics (Institute of Public Health)
        Prof. Peter Nilsson, Department for Clinical Sciences Medicine, University Hospital, Malmö
        Prof. Sverre Kjeldsen, Department of Cardiology, Ullevaal University Hospital, Oslo

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