Focus and purpose

The Graduate Programme for Neurosciences covers research education within all areas of Child and adolescent psychiatry, Neuro biology, Neuro surgery, Neurology, Psychiatry, Psychotraumatology and Health psychology.

The most important tasks for the graduate programme are:
  • to ensure the presence of a regionally relevant course programme within the research field of neuro science. The regional programme is coordinated nationally so that the range of courses nationally is as wide as possible. 
  • to convey a contact between the PhD students associated with the graduate programme and a highly qualified corps of supervisors
  • to promote the formation of networks among the PhD students associated with the graduate programme and to generate contact to international research networks.
  • to attract means to co-financed PhD programmes 
  • to offer the best possible conditions for PhD students in cooperation with the Graduate School at the Faculty of Health Sciences.

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