Research and Study Plan (PhD plan)

The head of the PhD School of the Faculty of Engineering must approve the PhD plan no less than three months after the enrolment of the PhD student, cf. the PhD Order.

The minimum requirements for the PhD plan include the following:

1) A time schedule for the PhD project.
2) An agreement about the form of supervision, the method of supervision and how frequently the supervision will take place.
3) A plan for the PhD project, including a poster describing the project.
4) A plan for PhD courses (approx. 30 ECTS-points) pursuant to the Faculty of Engineering’s internal rules governing course activities.
5) A plan for participation in active research environments (including a plan for a change of research environment abroad).
6) A plan for teaching activities or other form of knowledge dissemination (300 hours) pursuant to the Faculty of Engineering’s internal rules governing the dissemination of knowledge.
7) Any agreements governing intellectual property rights.
8) A budget (funding plan) for the individual PhD student’s study programme.

The PhD plan is to be submitted, using the form designed for this purpose, to the Faculty of Engineering’s PhD administration office no later than 2 months after the PhD studies begin. The plan must be approved by the head of the PhD School within three months after the PhD studies begin.

The PhD plan remains unchanged throughout the student’s PhD programme as an autonomous document describing the starting point for the individual student’s plan for his/her research education.

  • The plan does not give direct admission to course participation and is not considered a course registration.  
  • The student must enclose a poster describing the project which is suitable for publication on the faculty’s website. Thirty knowledge-dissemination hours may be allocated for this purpose. 
  • The courses, knowledge dissemination and change of research environment must be completed and documented to the PhD school before the start of the final year of enrollment
    The study elements of the plan and the title can be changed during the study by approval of application to the PhD committee.  

If the student does not submit their PhD plan on time and if the plan is not approved within three months from the date of enrolment, the plan will be considered not approved, and the student’s enrolment will cease.