Research project proposal

Your application for enrolment in the PhD programme should include a full description of the research project you intend to undertake during your 3-year study period.

This project description should be written in close collaboration with your future main supervisor.

The project description must not exceed 6 pages (excluding references) and can be written in Danish or English.

Expert review of the project description

Your project description will be reviewed by an assessment committee consisting of two expert reviewers appointed by the Graduate School. The reviewers will be researchers with a particular insight in the research field. Normally, one reviewer is from the University of Southern Denmark and the second is from another national or international research institute.

The reviewers will recommend that the project description is either accepted as it is, that it needs revision, or that it should be rejected. You and your supervisor will be informed about the evaluation of your project proposal. However, you will not be informed of the reviewers’ identity.

Read more about the application process, including information on how and when you can expect an answer from the assessment committee about your project description.