Salary and employment

Before you can be enrolled and possibly employed as a PhD student at the Faculty of Health Sciences, you (in collaboration with your main supervisor or research environment) must document that you have secured three years’ salary, three years’ tuition fees and a minimum of 50% of the running costs of the project. You can read more about running costs and equipment here.

As an example, a co-funded scholarship could be combined as follows: 1 year from the Faculty, 1 year from the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation and 1 year from an external source, e.g. a fund.

If you receive a Faculty scholarship, you are expected to be employed at the Faculty during the three-year period.

However, the PhD School may approve employment for one or two years at e.g. a hospital, but please note that during the Faculty scholarship year, you must be employed at the Faculty.

Please note that if you are already enrolled as a PhD student, you cannot apply for a Faculty scholarship.

Employment normally starts at the time of enrolment into the PhD programme. You will be employed as a PhD fellow in accordance with the AC protocol and will be placed on step 4-8 of the common-academic scale depending on your seniority (calculated from the date of your qualifying examination). The salary is paid monthly. Employment as a PhD fellow cannot exceed 36 months (in connection with a full-time PhD).

The Graduate School secretariat contacts the University’s Personnel Office to organize your employment, on the basis of a registration form that is completed by your main supervisor and signed by the Head of Research and the Head of Department. The Personnel Office places the PhD student on the appropriate pay scale and draws up a letter of employment.