Is the Graduate School open?

Yes, the Graduate School is open, and can be contacted by e-mail and telephone during the usual opening hours; 9-12 and 12.30-14.

Mail: phd@health.sdu.dk

Phone: +45  65 50 49 49 

What about my PhD defense?

From 15 June 2020, SDU will allow a limited physical presence in connection with PhD defenses. This means that the student, the main supervisor and the chairman of the assessment committee can be present at location at SDU. All other participants must be present via Zoom or other digital means.

Please note that the defense session must be made public and accessible for all who wish to attend. As a minimum the defense must be announced at the homepage of SDU, which is done by the Graduate School as a routine. 

The Faculty of Health Sciences highly recommends using Zoom as the video program for digital defenses.

If you chose to use another system for a digital defense, the Graduate School cannot offer IT-support. And you must follow the same guidelines as with a Zoom defense.

From 8 August 2020, PhD defenses can be held with up to 200 participants, as long as the applicable guidelines are followed.

Please see the guidelines for digital defense here

Can I apply for extension or leave of absence due to the COVID19 crisis?

During the COVID19 crisis, you may have been required to take on additional work than planned – if this is the case; contact the Graduate School to apply for an extension of your PhD period or leave of absence. You can find application forms here.

The Graduate School can only extend the enrolment, and not your employment. The place of employment may extend the employment – that is typically the hospital department or University department.

Additional work due to the COVID19 crisis will be accepted as a valid cause for the extension of the PhD period. 
As always, applications will be handled individually.

Are PhD courses cancelled or postponed?

PhD courses scheduled to be held before June 2020 will in general be cancelled, postponed or conducted digitally – we will let you know which option is chosen.

If you have been enrolled in a mandatory course, we will let you know if we enroll you in another, you need to enroll in another or what will happen.

Can I still hand in my thesis?

The Graduate School is not closed, so yes, you can hand in your thesis. As always, please hand in via e-mail: phd@health.sdu.dk.

Find more information here.

I have received a grant for a research stay abroad, but my stay has to be postponed. Should I apply for funding again?

You do not need to submit a new application, just send us an e-mail with the new dates for your stay abroad. 

I have already paid for parts of my stay abroad (a deposit for rent, flight tickets etc.) that cannot be reimbursed – what do I do?

Please contact the Graduate School, phd@health.sdu.dk

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