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General pathology group

Group name
Group leader
Niels Marcussen
Group description
This group consists of many small research areas where the members perform research on a part time basis.
The number of students varies but often only a limited number of students are included, most often medical students.

Introduction to research area
The area of research is broad covering many organs. Many research project are done in collaboration with clinical departments.
Research topics

The following organ related areas are covered:
• Breast pathology
• Lung Pathology
• Ear-nose-and throat pathology
• Skin pathology including malignat melanomas
• Kidney pathology
• Including tumor pathology, transplantation pathology and pathology of renal medical diseases
• Urological pathology
• Testis pathology
• Gybaecological and obstretical pathology
Many methods are used. These include light microscopy, immunohistology, electron microscopy, immunelectron microscopy, Helium ion microscopy, molecular methods, digital pathology and artificial intelligence.


Last Updated 09.11.2020