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Clinical cell biology group

Group name
Clinical Cell Biology

Group leader
Jean-Marie Delaissé - professor

Team: Bone Histology
Leader: Thomas L Andersen - associate professor

Team: Bone Cell Biology & Clinical Trials
Leader: Kent Søe - associate professor

Group description    
We like a mixed population of students and scientists i.e. both those with a medical background and those with a scientific background, thereby building the bridge between clinic and basic research from both ends.
Introduction to research area
Most of our research is driven by the identification of the biological mechanism of bone loss, since this is the primary cause of fractures, pain and disabilities. Bone loss is due to dysregulation of bone remodeling, a process consisting in removal of “old bone” by osteoclasts and formation of “new bone” by osteoblasts. Traditional research is therefore focusing on bone resorption and formation. In contrast, Clinical Cell Biology is focusing on the remodeling step reversing resorption to formation and therefore investigates how bone sites that underwent resorption are prepared for bone formation.

Hallmarks of our research
    •Every effort to make observations on human material
    •Attention for heterogeneity amongst individuals (rather than for averages)
    •From bedside to lab bench: in vivo observations triggering the development of in vitro models
    •Attention to intratissular cell organization (not only to genes) to understand function: “functional (rather than descriptive) histology”
    •Integrative  (rather than analytical)
    •Ranges from clinical trials to mechanistic studies

Helping the patient by providing specialized research expertise, which is usually not present in the clinic

Research topics
 Aging and Osteoporosis
           Cortical porosity
           Bone remodeling compartment / Bone marrow envelope
           Reversal phase - reversal cells -         Coupling of bone resorption and formation
           Epigenetics - personalized treatment
           Osteoporotic fractures
           Mechanism of action of existing and novel drugs for osteoporosis
           Activation of bone remodeling
           Osteoclast biology and regulation during aging
           Osteal macrophages
           Inflammation and pain
 Cancer induced bone disease (breast, prostate, etc.)
           Bone biomarkers for diagnosis/monitoring
           Drug sensitivity/resistance
           Epigenetics - personalized treatment
           Microenvironment of bone metastases
 Human osteoclast biology
           Characterization of resorption modes
           Differentiation and fusion
           Drug sensitivity
 Rare bone diseases              
           Osteogenesis imperfecta
           Other genetic disorders
 Diabetes and bone
           Intracortical bone remodeling and cortical porosity
           Charcot foot
           Incretin hormones
Primary human bone cell cultures
 Confocal microscopy
 Time-lapse microscopy of living cells
 Bone resorption assays
 Western blotting
 In situ hybridization (ISH)
 Multi-plex immunostaining
 Bone histomorphometry
 Laser micro dissection
 Enzymatic activity assays

Last Updated 09.11.2020