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Brain Cancer Group

Group name
Brain Cancer Group

Group leader
Bjarne Winther Kristensen

Group description
Multidisciplinary research group focusing on translational and clinical brain cancer research. Group members have both MD and MSc background.

Introduction to research area
Contact person: Professor Bjarne Winther Kristensen

We focus on improved diagnostics and therapy to brain cancer patients. Taking advantage of novel molecular tools, the aim is to obtain more precise diagnoses. In parallel with this, the aim is to identify novel therapeutic targets. In order to explain and overcome therapy resistance, we take into account how the microenvironment influences cancer cell biology.

Research topics
Development, implementation and evaluation of novel molecular diagnostic tools for a more -precise up-front characterization of brain tumors 
Prognostic and predictive clinical biomarker studies using software-based image analysis
Genetic evolution of brain tumors
Pre-clinical in vitro and in vivo drug testing
Advanced patient-like in vivo models to study brain tumor aggressiveness
Microenvironment and therapy resistance
Influence of molecular profile on microenvironment

Molecular techniques including next-generation sequencing and genome-wide methylation profiling
Patient-derived primary glioblastoma cell lines, which are used for a variety of purposes like cell death-assays, drug-screening, cell migration assays, limiting dilution assays and chemoresistance assays
In vivo orthotopic brain tumor xenograft models in both mice and rats using primary glioblastoma cell lines
Flow cytometry
Single cell mRNA sequencing including CITE-Seq
Immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence (multiplexing)
Digital quantitation of biomarkers
High-end multiplexing with imaging mass cytometry in order to uncover cellular heterogeneity and complex disease associated phenotypes

Last Updated 09.11.2020