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OPEN's facilities

OPEN offers a range of tools and services, to your assistance as researcher 

REDCap - Research Electronic Data Capture

- Use this worldwide online program to provide a project overview!

  • Register data, send out surveys and randomise via the Internet - anywhere, any time
  • Data logging and secure storage directly on OPEN's server under the Region of Southern Denmark
  • Data is extracted to your favorite statistics programme 

OPEN Analyse - analysis environment for research data

- Use OPEN's analysis environment, a safe solution for the analysis of your research data!

  • Accessed via VPN - anytime, anywhere
  • Data analysis using STATA, R or Excel
  • Logging of file access and secure data storage on OPEN's servers in the Region of Southern Denmark

OPEN Registry - tools and guidance

- Start a register-based study and benefit from OPEN's expertise in this area!

  • OPEN offers up to 20 hours free guidance withing epidemiological and registry research.
  • Guidance can be related to choice of relevant data from Statistics Denmark and The Danish Health Data Authority, strengths, weaknesses and validation of registry data, handling and analysis of registry data.
  • OPEN conducts data management, preparation of registry data as well as data  analysis for the project against payment

OPEN Qualitative - Nvivo and guidance in qualitative methods

- A safe solution for storage and analysis of your qualitative data!

  • OPEN offers up to 20 hours free guidance in qualitative methods within the usage of NVivo
  • Use NVivo for transcription, structuring, coding and analysis of qualitative data for example interviews and observations
  • Your data is stored safely in OPEN Analyse on OPEN's servers in the Region of Southern Denmark

OPEN Statistics - Guidance and data analysis

- Receive guidance before, during and after the data collection!

  • OPEN offers up to 10 hours of free guidance within statistics (including the bio statistician's time for preparation and follow up) 
  • Guidance can be related to calculation of power, choice of statistical methods or the conduct of analysis.
  • OPEN conducts data analysis for the project against payment.

    Note: OPENs guidance does not cover teaching in Stata or any other software. For this please see OPENs course "Introduktion til Stata" on Plan2Learn.

OPEN Biobank - registration of biological material

- Registrate your biological material in OPEN's Biobank!

  • Handled and registered by research laboratory technicians at the laboratory department 
  • OPEN Biobank software keeps track of the location of your samples
  • OPEN Biobank software generates labels, retrievement lists and reports
  • Biological material is handed out electronically and physically after request from project owner

OPEN Storage - safe storage of your research data

- Environment for storage of pseudoanonymised research data!

  • Use as platform for analysis, if a project needs to use software, that is not available in OPEN's analysis environment OPEN Analyse.
  • Accessible anywhere and anytime via VPN
  • Log of file access and safe data storage on OPENs servers in the Region of Southern Denmark

OPEN Randomise - Internet-based randomisation

- Randomise your subject electronically and easy!

  • The interface is customised to meet your randomisation requirements
  • Internet-based randomisation makes your physical location subordinate and is therefore suitable for multi-center studies
  • Easy overview of the number of patients recruited

OPEN Advice - consultation for researchers

- Make use of the opportunity for free help and guidance!

  • Advice for researches and research students
  • Topics: Epidemiological and qualitative research methods, public registers, use of data from OPEN, project approvals, safe storage of research data, validation rules for questionnaires, statistics etc. 
  • Advice is provided by members of OPEN’s scientific, administrative and technical staff

OPEN GCP - advice and monitoring

The GCP unit advice researchers planning to do clinical trials of medicinal products and medical devices, in accordance with the present legislation and GCP.

We prefer to be involved early in the process and offer:

  • Advice in risk-based quality management
  •  Systematic review of the protocol and other project documents
  • Advice in reporting to the Authorities
  • Mandatory qualitative control (monitoring)
  • 100 hours advice/monitoring is free of charge per project

OPEN Evidence - Center for Evidence Based Medicine

- Recieve guidance for research in evidence based medicine

  • OPEN Advice or method partnership for systematic reviews and meta analysis (review articles)
  • Guidance in preparation and quality control of protocols for randomised clinical trials
  • Help for diagnostic precision studies

PR - Visibility of your project

- Make your project visible and open up for new collaborations

  • Publication of your project on OPEN's website
  • Links to your publications via your project site
  • Presenting your biological material as part of the OPEN Biobank via The National Biobank Registry

Last Updated 24.09.2021