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Publications 2019

13. Thomsen, Rasmus P.; Malle, Mette Galsgaard; Okholm, Anders Hauge; Krishnan, Swati; Bohr, Søren S.-R.; Sørensen, Rasmus Schøler; Ries, Oliver; Vogel, Stefan; Simmel, Friedrich C.; Hatzakis, Nikos S; Kjems, Jørgen. A large size-selective DNA nanopore with sensing applications. Nature Communications (2019), 10, 5655. [Open Access]

12. Yadav, Yogesh; Sharma, Deepti; Kaushik, Kumar; Kumar, Vineet; Jha, Amitabh; Prasad, Ashok K.; Len, Christophe; Malhotra, Sanjay V.; Wengel, Jesper; Parmar, Virinder S. Synthetic, structural, and anticancer activity evaluation studies on novel pyrazolylnucleosidesMolecules(2019), 24(21), 3922. [Abstract]

11. Löffler, Philipp M. G.; Hansen, Anders Højgaard; Ries, Oliver; Jakobsen, Ulla; Rabe, Alexander; Sørensen, Kristian T.; Glud, Kasper; Vogel, StefanLipidated polyaza crown ethers as membrane anchors for DNA controlled content mixing between liposomes. Scientific Reports (2019), 9(1), 1-11. [Abstract]

10. Hornum, Mick; Stendevad, Julie; Sharma, Pawan K.; Kumar, Pawan; Nielsen, Rasmus B.; Petersen, Michael; Nielsen, Poul. Base-pairing properties of double-headed nucleotides. Chemistry - A European Journal (2019), 25(30), 7387-7395. [Abstract]

9. Gasparri Federica; Pless Stephan A; Wengel Jesper; Grutter Thomas. Molecular determinants for agonist recognition and discrimination in P2X2 receptors. The Journal of general physiology (2019), 151(7), 898-911. [Abstract]

8.Andersen, Veronica Liv; Vinther, Mathias; Kumar, Rajesh; Ries, Annika; Wengel, Jesper; Nielsen, Jesper Sejrup; Kjems, Jørgen.A self-assembled, modular nucleic acid-based nanoscaffold for multivalent theranostic medicine. Theranostics (2019), 9(9), 2662-2677. [Abstract]

7. Moura, Joao; Leal Ermelindo C; Carvalho Eugenia; Sørensen Anja; Svendsen Rikke; Willemoes Rie Juul; Jenssen Havard; Dalgaard Louise Torp; Carvalho Lina; Jørgensen Per Trolle; Wengel Jesper; Carvalho Eugenia; Carvalho Eugenia. microRNA-155 inhibition restores fibroblast growth factor 7 expression in diabetic skin and decreases wound inflammation.Scientific reports (2019), 9(1), 5836. [Abstract]

6. Molina, Alejandro Gimenez, Sanghvi, Yogesh S. Liquid-phase oligonucleotide synthesis: Past, present, and future predictions. Current Protocols in Nucleic Acid Chemistry (2019), e82. [Abstract]

5. Kotkowiak, Weronika; Wengel, Jesper; Scotton, Chris J.; Pasternak, Anna. Improved RE31 analogues containing modified nucleic acid monomers: Thermodynamic, structural, and biological effects. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry (2019), 62(5), 2499-2507. [Abstract]

4. Umek, Tea; Sollander, Karin; Bergquist, Helen; Wengel, Jesper; Lundin, Karin E.; Smith, C.I. Edvard; Zain, Rula. Oligonucleotide binding to non-B-DNA in MYC. Molecules (2019), 24, 1000. [Abstract]

3. Xu, You; Gissberg, Olof; Pabon-Martinez, Y Vladimir; Wengel, Jesper; Lundin, Karin E; Smith, C I Edvard; Zain, Rula; Nilsson, Lennart; Villa, Alessandra. The ability of locked nucleic acid oligonucleotides to pre-structure the double helix: A molecular simulation and binding study. PloS one (2019), 14(2), e0211651. [Abstract]


2. Beck, Kasper; Reslow-Jacobsen, Charlotte; Hornum, Mick; Henriksen, Christian; Nielsen, Poul. A double-headed nucleotide with two cytosines: DNA with condensed information and improved duplex stability. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters (2019), 29(5), 740-743. [Abstract]


1. Garcia, Joao Pedro; Stein, Jeroen; Cai, Yunpeng; Riemers, Frank; Wexselblatt, Ezequiel; Wengel, Jesper; Tryfonidou, Marianna; Yayon, Avner; Howard, Kenneth A.; Creemers, Laura B. Fibrin-hyaluronic acid hydrogel-based delivery of antisense oligonucleotides for ADAMTS5 inhibition in co-delivered and resident joint cells in osteoarthritis. Journal of Controlled Release (2019), 294, 247-258 [Abstract]