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Publications 2014

17. Tolle, Fabian; Wilke, Julian; Wengel, Jesper; Mayer, Günter. By-product formation in repetitive PCR amplification of DNA libraries during SELEX. PLoS ONE (2014), 9(12), e114693. [Open Access]

16. Kumar, Pawan; Sharma, Pawan K.; Nielsen, Poul. Double-headed nucleotides with arabino configuration: Synthesis and hybridization properties. Journal of Organic Chemistry (2014), 79(23), 11534-11540. [Abstract]

15. Hoevelmann, Felix; Gaspar, Imre; Loibl, Simon; Ermilov, Eugeny A.; Roeder, Beate; Wengel, Jesper; Ephrussi, Anne; Seitz, Oliver. Brightness through local constraint-LNA-enhanced FIT hybridization probes for in vivo ribonucleotide particle tracking. Angewandte Chemie, International Edition (2014), 53(42), 11370-11375. [Abstract]

14. Lartigue, Carole; Lebaudy, Anne; Blanchard, Alain; El Yacoubi, Basma; Rose, Simon; Grosjean, Henri; Douthwaite, Stephen. The flavoprotein Mcap0476 (RlmFO) catalyzes m5U1939 modification in Mycoplasma capricolum 23S rRNA. Nucleic Acids Research (2014), 42(12), 8073-8082. [Open Access]

13. Hansen, Morten Borre; Andersen, Nicolai Krog; Raunkjær, Michael; Jørgensen, Per Trolle; Wengel, Jesper. Functionalization of 2’’-C-(piperazinomethyl)-2’,3’-BcNA (bicyclic nucleic acids) with pyren-1-ylcarbonyl units. Helvetica Chimica Acta (2014), 97(9), 1204-1218. [Abstract]

12. Kumar, Pawan; Sorinas, Antoni Figueras; Nielsen, Lise J.; Slot, Maria; Skytte, Kirstine; Nielsen, Annie S.; Jensen, Michael D.; Sharma, Pawan K.; Vester, Birte; Petersen, Michael; Nielsen Poul. Double-coding nucleic acids: Introduction of a nucleobase sequence in the major groove of the DNA duplex using double-headed nucleotides. Journal of Organic Chemistry (2014), 79(17), 8020-8030. [Abstract]

11. Bestas, Burcu; Moreno, Pedro M.D.;  Blomberg, K. Emelie M.;  Mohammad, Dara K.,  Saleh, Amer F.;  Sutlu, Tolga;  Nordin, Joel Z.; Guterstam, Peter; Gustafsson, Manuela O.; Kharazi, Shabnam; Piątosa, Barbara; Roberts, Thomas C.; Behlke, Mark A.; Wood, Matthew J.A.; Gait, Michael J.; Lundin, Karin E.; Andaloussi, Samir El; Månsson, Robert; Berglöf, Anna, Wengel, Jesper; Smith, C.I. Edvard. Splice-correcting oligonucleotides restore BTK function in X-linked agammaglobulinemia model. The Journal of Clinical Investigation (2014)124(9), 4067–4081. [Abstract]

10. Perlikova, Pavla; Ejlersen, Maria; Langkjaer, Niels; Wengel, Jesper. Bis-pyrene-modified unlocked nucleic acids: Synthesis, hybridization studies, and fluorescent properties. ChemMedChem (2014), 9(9), 2120-2127. [Abstract]

9. Loksha, Yasser M.; Pedersen, Erik B.; Loddo, Roberta; Sanna, Giuseppina; Collu, Gabriella; Giliberti, Gabriele; Colla, Paolo La. Synthesis of novel fluoro analogues of MKC442 as microbicides. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry (2014), 57(12), 5169-5178. [Abstract]  

8. Astakhova, I. Kira; Wengel, Jesper. Scaffolding along Nucleic Acid Duplexes Using 2'-Amino-Locked Nucleic Acids. Accounts of Chemical Research (2014), 47(6), 1768-1777. [Abstract]

7. Xu, Liang; Butler, Kyle Vincent; Chong, Jenny; Wengel, Jesper; Kool, Eric T.; Wang, Dong. Dissecting the chemical interactions and substrate structural signatures governing RNA polymerase II trigger loop closure by synthetic nucleic acid analogues. Nucleic Acids Research (2014), 42(9), 5863-5870. [Open Access]

6. Jørgensen, Anna S.; Hansen, Lykke H.; Vester, Birte; Wengel, Jesper. Improvement of a streptavidin-binding aptamer by LNA- and α-L-LNA-substitutions. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters (2014), 24(10), 2273–2277. [Abstract]

5. Kumar, Pawan; Hornum, Mick; Nielsen, Lise J.; Enderlin, Gerald; Andersen, Nicolai Krog; Len, Christophe; Herve, Gwenaelle; Sartori, Guillaume; Nielsen, Poul. High-affinity RNA targeting by oligonucleotides displaying aromatic stacking and amino groups in the major groove. Comparison of triazoles and phenyl substituents. Journal of Organic Chemistry (2014), 79(7), 2854-2863. [Abstract]

4. Pofahl Monika; Wengel Jesper; Mayer Günter. Multifunctional nucleic acids for tumor cell treatment. Nucleic Acid Therapeutics (2014), 24(2), 171-177. [Abstract]

3. Dreier, Ida; Hansen, Lykke H.; Nielsen, Poul; Vester, Birte. A click chemistry approach to pleuromutilin derivatives. Part 3: Extended footprinting analysis and excellent MRSA inhibition for a derivative with an adenine phenyl side chain. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters (2014), 24(4), 1043–1046. [Abstract]

2. Perlikova, Pavla; Karlsen, Kasper K.; Pedersen, Erik B.; Wengel, Jesper. Unlocked nucleic acids with a pyrene-modified uracil: Synthesis, hybridization studies, fluorescent properties and i-motif stability. ChemBioChem (2014), 15(1), 146-156. [Abstract]

1. Kumar, Surender; Steffansen, Signe Inglev; Albaek, Nanna; Nielsen, Poul. Synthesis of a bicyclic double-headed nucleoside. Tetrahedron (2014), 70(3), 583-589. [Abstract]