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One of the greater challenges of the future in energy supply is to satisfy the energy needs of an exponentially growing world population while decreasing the use of fossil fuels. This project focuses on efficient control of energy supply to buildings and clusters of houses that use local energy sources such as solar panels for local electricity consumption. This will lead to an increased localization of energy sources, thus reducing the dependency on distant, fossil fuel sources. When local energy sources are being used collectively and more efficiently, both CO2 emission and energy loss in the transmission lines are reduced. Special attention is given to regional companies and their specific energy consumption and supply profile having its roots in areas characterized by agriculture and tourism.

In this project, the region's energy supply and consumption patterns are analyzed and an interlligent energy control system (DIEM) is developed. On the basis of these analyses, simulation models will be developed with the purpose of investigating the different DIEM configuration potentials with respect to reduction in CO2 emissions and economic impact on companies. Furthermore, economic analyses of financial earnings of DIEM configurations for buildings are performed. PR activities are supposed to improve public awareness of careful energy usage and available tools in this field. At the end of the project, companies of the region will have access to  the acquired knowledge of and technology for a distributed, intelligent energy management system ready to be implemented in buildings and clusters of houses.

SDU Mechatronics University of Southern Denmark

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