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Aututurf Prototype

The main goal of the AutoTurf  project is to develop, test, and document a solution for energy efficient and automated turf care on golf courses.

Based on an innovative prototype of an autonomous robot to be equipped with different turf care tools, a foundation for a final concept for a fully functioning autonomous lawn care robot is created. This opens up possibilities for introducing a new product for automated and multifunctional turf care of larger areas. So far, there are no approved autonomous robots in the market that covers the requirements of high-end machinery.

AutoTurf consists of the following elements:

  1. Basic machine with a hybrid electric drive train, supplying energy to propulsion motors as well as electrically driven lawn care tools mounted in a way to  allow for easy replacement.
  2. Autonomous steering unit with a GPS-controlled, user-friendly control unit providing precise course steering, optimal frequency, pattern and driving behaviour for lawn care.
  3. Safety system consisting of a machine screen (patent pending) with built-in laser scanning system and emergency stop contact surface.

SDU Mechatronics University of Southern Denmark

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Last Updated 08.09.2016