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Former PhD projects

AutoTurf - Christian Mai
Today, it is not unusual to hear rustling sounds along the neighbour’s hedge WITHOUT seeing the neighbour anywhere. – The market for robotic mowers for both private and public buildings is growing fast, and researchers are now trying to develop a bigger and greener model for large-scale lawn-mowing of for instance golf courses. The enterprise Sidis Robotics has developed a commercial prototype that they want to improve and optimise in terms of the following parameters: control, autonomy, safety and efficiency. This has resulted in a PhD project in collaboration with the Mads Clausen Institute at SDU Sønderborg. Further project partners are Banke, Conplex Innovation and CLEAN.
Defended on 28.09.2020

Printing Mechatronics - Andrei-Alexandru Popa
Additive manufacturing, more commonly known as 3D printing, has ceased to be a novelty for quite some time now. This has not deterred companies from competing for more cost-efficient and reliable technologies, and the market for hobby printers and exotic filaments has been in full swing in consequence. Taking the virtually limitless design potential of 3D printing along with the capabilities of multi-extruder printers, we are working on creating fully 3D printed mechatronic assemblies, i.e. without the use of wires, screws or other classic clamping methods.
Defended on 23.04.2021


Last Updated 09.11.2021