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Wind tunnel

Wind tunnel for multi-disciplinary teaching

Fabrikant Mads Clausen’s Foundation is donating 88,000 DKK for wind tunnel at Centre for Industrial Mechanics.

By Sune Holst, , 12/17/2020

Inspired by the Danish wind turbine pioneer Poul La Cour's open wind tunnel located at Askov Højskole (picture to the right), which he used in his research and teaching of the founders of the Danish wind turbine adventure, we will build a modern version (see the sketch below) for teaching at Centre for Industrial Mechanics at SDU Sønderborg.

Engineering students and local high school students will be able to design and 3D print their own turbine blades for rotors up to 70 cm in diameter. They can design and build their own generators, as well as the power electronics to control the small turbine.

Source: Poul La Cour Fonden

Thus, the tunnel will be included as an interdisciplinary laboratory facility for all three engineering programmes in electronics, mechatronics and the upcoming mechanical engineering. In addition, the tunnel will be used in a collaboration between SDU and the local high schools, allowing students to experience the enthusiasm for technology among SDU's teachers in a practical and sustainable framework.


Please contact Professor Morten Hartvig Hansen for further information about the project: – Tel. 6550 1626.

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