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Green Water receives 750,000 DKK from SE

Energy supplier supports climate-friendly project

Green Water  continues its  success.

The project, originally initiated as a student project with a 7kW prototype installed at Alsion in Sønderborg, subsequently got a 84kW proof-of-concept facility in Hardeshøj located in the nothern part of Als.

Now, the project has received a grant of  750,000 DKK  from "SE vækstpulje", a foundation supporting research and innovation; as well as cultural development in the region of Southern Denmark.

The donation makes it possible to further develop the project and carry through studies for large scale implementation. While being quite promising at this stage, the project still encompasses many aspects to be considered. In particular, the grant will be used to set up bigger projects; such as large scale demonstration systems in new buildings. Furthermore, open questions remain concerning a collaborative way of running the Green Water system, i.e. operating multiple systems in an optimized, connected way.

 The vision and objective of Green Water is to develop a sustainable alternative to current conventional energy production and add additional renewable technology to the 4th generation of district heating/cooling through electrification of central or decentralized energy supply.

 For further information, please contact Project Manager Michael Sørensen,  e-mail:

Editing was completed: 13.09.2016