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Assistant Professor at SDU Mechatronics nominated ‘Teacher of 2019’

Assistant Professor Hossein Ramezani was awarded by the BHJ Foundation.

At SDU Sønderborg’s summer graduation on Friday 28 June, the BHJ Foundation handed out three teaching awards of each 20,000 DKK to three SDU teachers from the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Engineering, respectively. The awards are given for providing excellent teaching and for having an extraordinary focus on further development of teaching.

Hossein Ramezani, Assistant Professor at SDU Mechatronics at the Mads Clausen Institute, was honoured to receive the teaching award within the Faculty of Engineering. He teaches Control Engineering to engineering students at both bachelor and master level. In recent years, he has moreover provided supervision to students writing their semester projects and final projects at bachelor and master level, respectively.

Here follows the motivation for awarding Hossein Ramezani:

Students experience Hossein Ramezani as a competent, patient and open-minded teacher who always finds good answers to their questions. At the same time, he challenges his students to the utmost – and even if students are not always happy to work hard during lectures, they feel that they learn a lot from Hossein. Furthermore, he has contributed to raise the standard of the master programmes in mechatronics engineering by developing a new course from scratch. -  ’Statistical Signal Processing’ is becoming more and more relevant for future technology along with an increasing number of sensors that require data processing in advanced mechatronics systems.

Unfortunately, Hossein Ramezani was travelling on the day of the award ceremony but there is no doubt that he is very happy about the acknowledgement:

‘I am very grateful to the BHJ-Foundation for their generous prize, to SDU Sønderborg for their support, to my colleagues for ideas and inspiration, and to the students for making teaching a pleasant task for me. Particularly, I want to thank my wife for always being supportive and patient.’

Additional to the honour of receiving the BHJ teaching award, the amount of 20,000 DKK is given to cover expenses involved in course programmes and further education of the award winners. The two other awards were given to Pia Søgaard Nielsen from Faculty of Humanities, and Jaume Castan Pinos and Simon Fietze from Faculty of Social Sciences.

Editing was completed: 01.07.2019