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SDU Mechatronics naturally concentrates its education efforts on the mechatronics engineering programmes at SDU. Within these programmes we contribute with the majority of courses such as embedded software/programming, mathematics, mechanics, and control. We also take part in the courses on sensing and actuation. Last but not least, we provide supervision to many student projects in collaboration with other sections, both individual bachelor and master projects and semester projects  where students in teams develop mechatronic products; based on their acquired knowledge, so far.  Examples of projects:

Intelligent vehicles (3rd semester bachelor)
These projects are training student’s capabilities in applying their  knowledge of sensors, embedded software and electronics together with previously acquired knowledge about mechanical design and actuation. Here, the overall topic was intelligent vehicles. The students’ task was to define a more specific project in groups and come up with examples to increase traffic safety by designing collision warning/avoidance systems or increase convenience by building vehicles to follow a moving target. An example is shown in the picture below.

 Dynamic testing of fishing rods (5th semester bachelor)
This example is taken from the Experts-in-Teams project, where students in groups have to solve real-life problems, including specific problem formulation, market research and potential business strategies. In this case the task was to come up with a benchmark method for fishing rods, in order to quantify whether a fishing rod had "good" or "bad" dynamics (i.e. whether it “feels good”).  Here, students came up with a tool to analyse the vibrational response in fishing rods and quantifying the measure results in a feasible manner.

Energy harvesting in go-karts (3rd semester master)
In this project,  students must design and build an energy harvesting system for go-karts, similar to those of vehicles of today.  The students worked in three teams and came up with three slightly different solutions in terms of generator technology and energy storage medium. The specific task was to harvest energy while going downhill and to see how far uphill the cart would reach on the energy generated.


We contribute to the following study programmes:

Admission course for the engineering programmes

BSc in Mechatronics

BEng in Mechatronics

MSc in Engineering Mechatronics





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