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Jesper Wengel


Phone: +45 6550 2510, +45 2084 6872

In the research centre BioNEC, we develop new chemical building blocks for the nanotechnology of the future. The characteristic of our activities is that we use and combine the most important biological macromolecules in order to solve scientific challenges at the interface between chemistry and biology, for example, related to the production of new medical candidates.

Nature's most important building blocks are nano-sized. These are DNA, fats, carbohydrates and proteins. The nucleic acids DNA and RNA form the genetic material. Fats are the basis of biomembranes, which encapsulate cells. Carbohydrates are among the most complex biomolecules and are used for storing energy and as signal molecules between cells, while proteins are important building blocks and constitute nature's "nano-factories". The uniqueness that chemists are capable of is designing and manufacturing new exciting structures and molecules. And in BioNEC it is our vision to be so creative that we can contribute to the foundations of the technologies of the future and take tiger leaps in the research.

The research group led by Professor Jesper Wengel is central to BioNEC, and the research team led by Professor Stefan Vogel from the department also participates.