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Himanshu Khandelia

Associate Professor

Phone: +45 6550 4048

In my research group, we solve equations on supercomputers to understand how life and biology arise from interactions between molecules, each of which does not seems to be alive. The equations represent classic Newtonian interactions between individual atoms in biological molecules such as proteins, fat molecules (lipids) and DNA. The equations can be solved for such simple systems as when a ball in a game pool hits another ball, or as complex as how proteins, fat molecules, and DNA interact with biological and non-biological molecules such as medications and hormones and thus study the mechanisms behind important functions in the cell. We look at the mechanisms behind, for example, taste, pain relief or cancer medicine. The molecular interactions that run these mechanisms take place over a few nanometers, where fascinating phenomena occur that you do not encounter in a game of pool.

The results of our research help to fundamentally understand how biological molecules work, which others can use to design new drugs or treatments and solve bio-nanotechnology issues.