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Master's projects at HADAL

The importance of sediment resuspension for benthic redox and O2 dynamics

Project type: MSc in Biology, 60 ECTS
Student: Lisbeth Fürst Sørensen 
Supervisor: Ronnie N. Glud, Karl Attard
Start: 1.
September 2021
End: 1. Juni 2022

Most studies have investigated coastal biogeochemical cycling during calm weather, whereas more dynamic weather events such as storms have been largely ignored. Such events might have major effects on costal biogeochemical function due to sediment resuspension. In this study, controlled sediment resuspension will be performed in the laboratory by using an optimized EROMES-system, where the implications for key factors of coastal biogeochemical function will be explored. I will examine the impacts across season with a special focus on the fate of oxygen during and after resuspension and investigate the implications of resuspension for organic carbon mineralization and re-oxidization of reduced constituents in the sediment.



Finished MSc projects:

Organic petrology, geochemistry, and depositional environment of the recent sediments from deep hadal trenches in the Pacific Ocean

  • Project type: MSc in Geology-Geoscience, 60 ECTS
    Student: Marco Benkhettab Sindlev
    Supervisor: Ronnie N. Glud, Hamed Sanei
    Start: 1. September 2020
    End: 1. January 2021

This project involves advanced petrographic and geochemical characterization of organic matter in recent sediments obtained from 12 sediment cores from two ultra-deep, oceanic trenches in the Pacific Ocean. The two trenches in question are Atacama Trench and Kermadec Trench. In this project, white light photometry and fluorescence spectrometry of organic matter preserved in the samples are used to determine depositional environment, diagenetic degradation and source of the organic matter. Furthermore, pyrolysis organic geochemistry is used to determine the molecular composition of organic matter in the context of bacterial degradation.

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