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Individual student activities at HADAL


Effects of hydrostatic pressure on microbial activity with particular focus on anaerobic heterotrophic carbon degradation

  • Project type: Internship
    Student: Louis Quichaud
    Supervisor: Ronnie N. Glud
    Start: 8. February 2021
    End: 11. June 2021

Bacteria in Hadal trenches are known to degrade organic matter in aerobic conditions (using oxygen). However, it has recently been shown that some bacteria in the trenches can also produce their energy in anaerobic conditions (without oxygen) using organic matter. The aim of this internship is to study the impact of hydrostatic pressure on bacteria doing fermentation (or anaerobic degradation) and on fermentation pathways themselves. Bacteria’s relationship with viruses will also be studied. This will be done using several techniques including, but not limited to, radio- and stable isotope tracer analysis, cell and virus counting, data analysis and calculations of microbial growth.

Last Updated 18.01.2021