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Lasse Kruse Markussen

Susanne Mandrup Lab

Phone: +45 6550 2342

I have since my undergraduate study been fascinated by adipocytes, the plasticity of adipocytes, and the importance of adipocytes for proper metabolic homeostasis. I joined the Mandrup lab as a Ph.D. fellow in January 2017 after completing my M.Sc. at the University of Copenhagen studying the molecular control of beta-adrenergic signaling in adipocytes. I completed my Ph.D. degree in 2020, where I made seminal work on the role of lipolysis as a pleiotropic signaling network in adipocytes. Presently, I hold a post.doc. position in the Mandrup lab investigating how adipocyte heterogeneity in human upper- and lower-body fat contributes to the etiology and consequences of obesity-induced metabolic disorders.