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Presentations and workshops

The Pure Office offers presentations and workshops upon request.

For example, you can book a presentation for a meeting in your research group. All topics listed below can be ordered in both Danish or English. We prefer to have 20 minutes for a presentation if possible.
Most of the topics below can also be aranged as a workshop. We will do a workshop for a minimum of five people.

Get inspired in the list below or contact us with your requests at

Offers include:

Introduction to Pure

Format: Presentation or workshop

We recommend this introduction to administrative personnel who work with Pure beyond personal use. You will be given an introduction to the following subjects.
PLEASE NOTE: If you are a researcher we recommend that you book an one-on-one introduction. 

  • What is Pure, and what is registered
  • User-interface and content
  • Connection to PDS
  • Central Research Registration
  • What is Pure used for (coverage of  the Danish National Research Database, BFI and Open Access)
  • Annual activities and workflow
  • Services offered by the Pure office


  • Creating a filter
  • Adding a publication
  • Adding an activity
  • Viewing what a researcher has registered
The Research Output Content Type

Format: Presentation or workshop

This workshop is targeted everyone who wants a more thorough understand of how publications are registered in Pure. We will cover:

  • Different publication types and templates
  • Which fields must be filled out
  • Workflow for registration
  • Importing publications to Pure (manually or automatically from other databases)


  • Registering publications
  • Check-list
The Activity Content Type

Format: Presentation or workshop

Workshop for users who want more understanding of how to use the activity content type in pure, i.e. to register editorial work, conference participation, presentations and study administrative work in Pure.
We can go through the following templates, but input from participants is very much encouraged:

  • Activities (for example participating in research events, peer review, membership)
  • Awards and appointments
  • Teaching/supervision
  • Press/media


  • Adding different types of activities
  • How can the activities be used afterwards?
CV in Pure

Format: Presentation or workshop

This workshop or presentation will focus on creating and adjusting your CV. Focus will be how to:

  • Find the CV-function and choose the appropriate template
  • Using the data already in Pure in your CV
  • Making a bulleted list
  • Making a publication list from your publication data in Pure 
  • Making a list static and choosing relevant content
  • Publishing the CV


The workshop will be centered on creating a CV in Pure.

Teaching CV in Pure

Format: Presentation or workshop

This workshop or presentation focuses on the technical aspects of creating a teaching portfolio in Pure. The workshop can be held in cooperation with the Centre for Teaching and Learning, if the participants also need to work on the content-specific aspects of a teaching portfolio.

Main areas of focus will be:

  • Finding the CV-function in Pure and choosing the appropriate template
  • Naming your CV
  • Using the data already in Pure on your CV
  • Locating and using relevant functions for your CV
  • Getting your existing information from another template into Pure
  • Publishing the CV
Options for experienced Pure editors

Format: Presentation or workshop

If your research unit needs to get updated on Pure’s various functions, this is the workshop for you. We will focus the workshop on your specific needs, for instance:

  • Interfaces between central research registration and the editor’s responsibilities in Pure
  • Setting up reusable reports
  • New functions in Pure
Your SDU Research Profile

Format: Presentation or workshop

We will assist you in editing your profile on SDU’s research portal to give visitors the most accurate impression of you as a researcher. We also cover tidying up other research profiles such as your Scopus and ORCID profiles.

Subjects we will cover include:

  • Highlighted content
  • Getting the most out of the research portal’s functions
  • Adding your research ID’s in Pure
The Bibliometric Research Indicator (BFI)

Format: Presentation

Does your unit have unanswered questions about the BFI model? The BFI models is used to delegate research funds from the state to the universities. 
If you  book this presentation you will learn:

  • What the BFI model is
  • How data from Pure is used in the BFI model
  • How the Pure Office secures the yearly BFI harvest
Open Access to publications

Format: Presentation

Does your research unit need a better  understanding of Open Access publishing? We offer introductory presentations with focus on our library services and SDU guidelines for Open Access.

Publication, permissions and sharing your work

Format: Presentation

Does your research group have questions about what terms apply after an article has been published? We will cover common issues when you want to share your article - and how to get help. 

Projects and Impacts in Pure