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Help and services

If you have problems with your login to Pure:
Pure is not supported in Internet Explorer and Edge. Please use Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

  • If you have accessed Pure before but suddenly cannot, perhaps your password is expired. Try changing it at or contact your local secretary to have them request a new.
  • Have you never accessed Pure or  has your employment  been changed we recommend that you contact

Publications from previous employment
If you have been employed at another Danish university your publications can be transferred. Please contact Pure support for this.

Picture on your researcher profile
Mail your picture to The picture will be uploaded to PDS and you can then add it to your profile.
You log into PDS at Use domain before username. 

Courses and training
The University Library of Southern Denmark and CUU offers courses in how to use Pure. Read more here.

We also support guidance and training at your department. If you are interested in specific aspects of Pure such as CV’s, Open Access or editing researcher profiles on we will happily tailor the session to match your request.
Please contact us at


The Pure Office | T 65 50 24 30 |

Head of Office
Anne Thorst Melbye | T 65 50 91 51 |

Birgit Knudsen | T 65502686 |
Karen Lindvig | T 65 50 72 48 |
Mette Detlevsen | T 65503323 |
Lone Grip | T 65 50 89 18 |
Lærke Worm Thomsen | T 65 50 41 21 |
Regine Ejstrup | T 65 50 42 69 |

Last Updated 10.11.2021