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SDU Library's Open Access Funds

If your application is accepted the University Library will cover the entire fee for open access and pay the publisher directly. Details will be sent to the email you list in your application.

The funds are determined on a year-to-year basis. Please do not apply for funds until is there is a high probability for the article to be accepted and ready for payment within current year.

If you have questions concerning the support please contact us at

Conditions to be met:

  1. Corresponding author or first author must be a PhD student at SDU and affiliate to SDU in the article
  2. The article must be a part of the student's PhD thesis and this must be documented if requested
  3. Support can only be obtained for one article per PhD thesis
  4. The journal the article is submitted to must be an open access journal* and must be included in the DOAJ.
  5. The article is presumed to be accepted within current year

*An open access journal publishes all articles as open access opposed to a hybrid journal. Hybrid journals publishes both subscription and open access articles.

If your application is accepted, we ask that you inform us as soon as possible if there are significant changes. This includes cases where listed journal rejects your article and if you send your article to another journal.

SDU Library's Open Access Funds is a restructuring of the former Open Access Fund at SDU Library. 

We currently do not accept new applications. 


Last Updated 05.05.2021