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SCOAP3 – Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access Publishing in Particle Physics

Denmark supports SCOAP3. In cooperation with leading publishers, SCOAP3 is converting key journals in the field of high energy physics to Open Access at no charge for the authors. As a resultat, articles become Open Access, the copyright remains with the authors, and a liberal CC-BY licence allows for text- and data-mining applications.

These journals take part in SCOAP3:

Jagiellonian University: Acta Physica Polonica B (APPB)

Hindawi: Advances in High Energy Physics

Institute of Physics Publishing: Chinese Physics C

Springer: The European Physical Journal C (EPJC) og The Journal of High Energy Physics (JHEP)

Elsevier: Nuclear Physics B (NPB) og Physics Letters B (PLB)

American Physical Society: Physical Review C (PRC)Physical Review D (PRD) og Physical Review Letters (PRL)


You can find more information about SCOAP3 at their homepage.

If you have comments or corrections, please contact:

Last Updated 05.03.2021