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About the agreeement

Researchers from SDU and the University hospitals in the Region of Southern Denmark publish open acccess free of charge in a number of Elsevier journals. Instead, open access costs are covered by an agreement between Danish research institutions and Elsevier. The agreement is in effect from January 1st 2021 up to and including 2024.

A full list of journals covered by the agreement can be viewed at Elsevier's website

Pure open access journals and a number of hybrid journals are not included in the agreement.


To have open access covered by the agreement the following conditions must be met: 

  • The article must be submitted between January 1st 2021 and December 31st 2024. 
  • Submit the article from a SDU or  Southern Regional email address. Email addresses are used to confirm that the article can be published under the agreement. 
  • Corresponding Author* must be affiliated to SDU or a University Hospital in the Region of Southern Denmark.
  • Corresponding author must choose to publish open access when the article is accepted in one of the journals included in the agreement. Corresponding author can then choose from two available open access licenses, CC BY or CC BY-NC-ND.

Corresponding Author  is in this agreement defined as the single author who mananges the publication process for an article  from submission to post acceptance and corresponds with Elsevier on the same. 

If you are not able to submit the article from an SDU/rsyd email address, please contact us on the email below.

Questions about the agreeement can be directed at the SDU Library's Open Access Team at 

SDU's publishing agreements for Open Access

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Last Updated 10.02.2022