HCA Lecturers' College

The University of Southern Denmark is in the process of creating the “Hans Christian Andersen Lecturers´ College”. The purpose of this forum is to stay in touch with former Hans Christian Andersen lecturers in a way that will benefit the lecturers as well as the university. The former lecturers’ involvement in the “Hans Christian Andersen Lecturers´ College” will consist of:

  • Suggesting future lectureres and thereby affect the future topics of the Hans Christian Andersen Lecture
  • Suggesting professors for the visiting programme at the University of Southern Denmark in connection with the Thans Christian Andersen Academy and in that way influence our research environment
  • Invitation to the annual Hans Christian Andersen Lecture

Furthermore, the forum will benefit former. lecturers who are considering collaboration with the University of Southern Denmark within research, publication or other related areas, since this forum can be a way to find relevant collaboration partners at the university.

Read more about research at the University of Southern Denmark here.

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