HCA Academy - Visiting Professorial Fellows

The HCA Academy annually recommends a number of acknowledged international visiting researchers who are invited by the Vice-Chancellor on a HCA Academy Visiting Research Fellowship at University of Southern Denmark. Besides strengthening an academic environment at University of Southern Denmark, a HCA Academy Fellow will be expected to engage with public events for visitors and employees of the university.

On this page, you can read more about present and previous HCA Academy Visiting Professorial Fellows.

Present Visiting Professorial Fellow(s):

Holger Strulik
Karin Sanders
Kenneth B. Liberman
Paul John Thibault
Rita Copeland
Stephen Broardberry
Carlos Nuñez
David Needham 
Steven Cowley
Charlie Karlsson
Klaus Müller-Wille
Zahava Solomon

On the following link you will find former visiting professors from the respective faculties: Humanities, Science, Business and social scienceEngineering and Health science.

All employees at the University of Southern Denmark can nominate a HCA Academy Visiting Professorial Fellow. It is however a requirement that the application is addressed to the HCA Academy and that the application is forwarded via the Head of Department and the Dean. Applications for research stays are according to posted notices with one annual application deadline.

Read the guideline on the university intranet. Find it under Værktøjer\Vejledninger\Forskning: Procedure ved tildeling af HCA Academy gæsteophold til forskere. Choose "Engelsk".

For further information please contact: HCA Academy Secretary: Special advisor Louise Heidemann, The Vice-Chancellor's Office, tel. (+45) 6550 1072.

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