HCA Academy - Annual Lecture

The Hans Christian Andersen lecture this year is Zahava Solomon, University of Tel-Aviv


The lecture will take place the 20th of October 2015 at 3 pm. in auditorium 100, University of Southern Denmark, Campusvej 55, 5230 Odense.

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Since 2001, the HCA Academy has appointed a researcher of the highest international standard annually to give an academic lecture of general interest.

The Hans Christian Andersen Academy Annual Lecture helps to substantiate and emphasise the university as an academic unit that thrives by virtue of a shared and durable mindset.

Previous lecturers:
2014 - Lene Vestergaadr Hau - Wizard With Light
2013 - Mary-Claire King - Tales of a Minstrel Geneticist
2012 - Stephen Greenblatt - Shakespeare's Life Stories
2011 - Rodney Brooks - Robots and People Working Together
2010 - Theda Skocpol - Obama and the Struggle to Reform Health Care
2009 - Ahmed Zewail - Tale of Time
2008 - Peter Agre - Joy and Tears of a Life of a Scientist
2007 - Gösta Esping-Andersen - Can Social Heritage Be Broken?
2006 - Ian Wilmut - Cloning Ten Years After Dolly
2005 - A. S. Byatt - Ghost and Documents: On the Writing og Historical Fiction
2005 - Harold Bloom - Trust the Tale, Not the Teller (Special lecture on H. C. Andersen)
2004 - Lawrence Lessig - (Re)Creativity: How Creativity Lives
2003 - Michael Laver - On Stories and Science in the Wonderful World of Politics
2002 - Sir Roger Penrose - Schrödinger's Little Mermaid
2001 - Stephen Jay Gould - The Necessary Role of Storytelling in the Sciences of Natural History

For further information please contact: the secretary of the HCA Academy: Special advisor Louise Heidemann, The Vice-Chancellor's Office, tel. (+45) 6550 1072.

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