A Healthier Fuen

A healthier Funen and Citizen Science

'A healthier Funen' is a Citizen science project where SDU (SUND og SDUB), OUH and TV2/Funen is trying to involve and engage citizens in 4 research projects. The citizens have an opportunity to meet and discuss  the projects with the researchers - and eventually vote on a project which the 1 million DKK should be donated to.  'A healthier Funen' was first established in 2017 - and in 2018 the project will be accessible from 16 April to 23 April at TV2/Funen and at several occasions in Odense. The research council  at OUH has closely looked into the level of research and the realization of 4 chosen research projects which can be seen in the menu to the right. Now its up to the citizens to discuss and assess what should be prioritized.

Experience a Healthier Funen 2017: 'A Healthier Funen 2017'

How do you get knowledge about where to meet the researchers and which project you want to prioritize and vote on?
Follow us on this website,  follow on TV2 / Funen and on SDU and OUH's Facebook pages.

Important dates:
16.4: Kick Off -  where can you meet  the researchers for the first time?  Sign up here (it's free): A healthier funen
17-20.4: Follow A Healthier Funen on TV2 / Funen
23.4: Awardshow in Vidensbyen at Campus Odense, where the winner is awarded.

A healthier Funen TV2/Funen

13.1: A healthier Funen - TV2 Funen

17.2: TV2 Funen - Media training for researchers in a contest about research funds

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