Campus Odense - Active Living


Campus Odense - Active Living is a Citizen Science project in which citizens in collaboration with SDU, UCL, the Research Park, New OUH / OUH, Cortex Park and Odense Municipality contribute to the development of movement trails in the Campus Odense area. The Citizen Science perspective can engender awareness and interest in using Campus Odense as the user can engage in the area and in the development of it. Campus Odense - Active Living area is for both citizens, school classes and associations, as well as employees and students from Campus Odense.


The project will consist of two elements: Active Living Area and Active Living Festival


Meet Campus Odense -Active living at the day of research on April 21,  2018 at SDU from 10-4. At the day of research you can talk about the project and contribute with your own ideas about  movement trails and suggestions for using the areas properbly.  These ideas and suggestions can be discussed with the researchers and other students from SDU and UCL. 


The basic elements of Campus Odense -Active living: 

Campus Odense -Active living is about attracting new users to the area and in general to focus more on the areas of Campus Odense. This focus is on everyday use and annual events. 



Citizens/users contributes to establishing movement trails (For instance for pedestrians, runners, cyclists or wheelchair users) in the western area of SDU which hereby becomes a  continuing trail developed continuously by citizens and users. These trails contributes to a coherence between the parties at Campus Odense and furthermore, the Campus Odense offers room (Amfi theatre) and activities (movement trails) for both citizens and the employees of Campus Odense.



Once a year an active living festival is hosted in Campus Odense area. This festival is about being active and assure movement in the nature. This could for instance be a wheelchair race, trail riding, drone flying or something completely different. The festval is for everybody and it takes place in the area of Campus Odense. If you have an idea, please contact Head of Department Anne Kathrine Overgaard at

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