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’Obesity and hepatic lipidosis – new causes’

 Else-Marie Bladbjerg from Sydvestjysk Sygehus for Biochemic Department, Clinical Diagnostic Department, Esbjerg.

The project aims to investigate the development of obesity and hepatic lipidosis. The project will include 60 heavily overweight patients that have been referred for an obesity operation. The patients will have performed blood tests before and after the obesity operation to examine whether the amount of fibrinogen* has been reduced, as this substance is a marker for obesity.
There are several types of fibrinogen and scientists would like to know which types are inherited. Everyone knows someone that can eat unrestrained without gaining any weight, and the reason might be that they have another type of fibrinogen than overweight patients. So far experiments with mice have shown this. 

  Research Director: Else-Marie Bladbjerg

Last Updated 28.01.2021