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Workshop 3: Measuring the affect in affective polarization (online workshop).

Where and when?

Åbo Akademi in Vaasa, Finland, March/April 2023.


Keynotes on how to measure affect, both from traditional studies of affective polarization as well as from related fields that measure affect and emotions in politics. Discussion on best practices for methodological development of measuring affective polarization. The online format will enable participants from e.g. the US. 


(Co-applicant) Jenny Lindholm, Assistant Professor, Åbo Akademi (FI), with assistance from Aleksi Suuronen, PhD-student, Åbo Akademi (FI)

Tentative program

Day 1:

  • Introduction: Jenny Lindholm
  • Research presentation, Aleksi Suuronen, Åbo Akademi University (FI): The role of social media in societal polarization
  • Academic keynote: Taylor Carlson, Washington University (US) & Jaime Settle, College of William & Mary (US): Combining survey, experimental, psychophysiological, and social network data.
  • Lunch break
  • Academic keynote: James Druckman, Northwestern University (US): What do we measure when we measure affective polarization?
  • Discussion moderated by Kim Strandberg, Åbo Akademi University (FI): The parties involved in the workshop discuss the themes addressed in the keynotes, i.e. how to develop the measurements of affective polarization by including psychophysiological measurements. 

Day 2:

Facilitated group session with participants from The Nordic MAP Network. The second day of workshop 2 will be dedicated to the planning and preparation of a joint international grant proposal and the conference proposal. This session builds on the goals and ideas from the brainstorm carried out in workshop 1 in Lund. In this second session, the focus is to qualify ideas and put them into writing. 


In total 17 participants/keynotes; 8 senior/7 junior academics; 11 male/6 female
Besides the organizers and the keynotes mentioned in the tentative program above, the following academics will participate, as they have experience and a strong interest in designing, conducting, processing, analyzing and interpreting psychophysiological data:

Janne Berg, University Teacher, Åbo Akademi (FI)
Hanna Reinikainen, Doctoral student, University of Jyväskylä (FI)
Matti Nelimarkka, Associate Professor University of Helsinki (FI)
Anamaria Dutceac Segesten, Senior lecturer, Lunds Universitet (SE)
Morten Thomsen, PhD-student, Centre for Journalism, University of Southern Denmark (DK)
Thomas Bjørner, Associate Professor, Aalborg University (DK)
Daniel Barrett, Associate Professor, Copenhagen Business School (DK)
Morten Skovsgaard, Professor WSR, Centre for Journalism, University of Southern Denmark (DK)
(Co-applicant) Nils Holmberg, Postdoc, Lunds Universitet (SE)
(Co-applicant) Erik Knudsen, Postdoc, Universitetet i Bergen (NO)
(Main applicant) Lene Heiselberg, Assistant Professor, Centre for Journalism, SDU (DK)

Moreover, day 1 will be open for invited participants from all participating universities due to the online format.

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