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Workshop 1: Analyzing affective media content and audience effects.

Where and when?

Lund University in Lund, Sweden, January 2022.


Keynotes will address the challenge of using machine learning approaches to automatically detect and analyze multiple content features in texts and images, but primarily how to determine sentiment and emotions in media messages. Furthermore, keynotes will educate us on ongoing efforts to link media effects to affective reactions/polarization.


(Co-applicant) Nils Holmberg, Lund University (SE), and (Co-applicant) Erik Knudsen, Researcher, Universitetet i Bergen (NO), assisted by Rose Huang, PhD-student, Strategic Communication, Lund University (SE).

Tentative Program

Day 1:

  • Introduction: Nils Holmberg.
  • Academic keynote: Anamaria Dutceac Segesten, Docent, Lund University (SE): Using machine learning to analyze Facebook text data from the UK Brexit campaigns.
  • Workshop: Johan Frid, Researcher, Lund University Humanities Lab (SE): Sentiment analysis and emotion classification in Nordic languages text data
  • Discussion: planning for an online repository/research portal for Nordic language machine learning models and datasets for analyzing affective textual content
  • Lunch break
  • Guided tour of research environments at Lund University Humanities Lab (eye-tracking, EEG, motion tracking, etc.).
  • Academic keynote: Michael Bossetta, Researcher, Lund University (SE): Using Amazon Rekognition Web Services to analyze images in US political advertising.
  • Workshop: Nils Holmberg: Emotion classification in image and video data; content manipulation in visual stimuli for eye-tracking experiments 

Day 2:

  • Introduction: Erik Knudsen.
  • Practical demos of experimental design and the use of psychophysiological measures of attention and emotion in journalism and communication research with the focus on the most commonly used measures and analysis methods. This is taking place in a collaboration with Humlab, Lunds Universitet (SE).
  • Academic keynote: Bert Bakker, Assistant professor, University of Amsterdam, (NL): Conceptualizing and measuring affective responses to political content
  • Academic keynote: Magdalena Wojcieszak, UC Davis, (US): How media exposure to cross-cutting news influence affective polarization 
    Lunch break
  • Academic keynote: Marcus Nyström, Research Engineer, Humlab, Lunds Universitet, (SE): 
  • Eye-tracking measurements and experimental designs for studying affective polarization
  • Discussion: The parties involved in the workshop discuss the themes addressed in the keynotes to build and strengthen the development of The Nordic MAP Network.
  • Facilitated group session on a grant application: preliminary brainstorming of ideas for a joint international grant proposal. 


In total 15 participants; 5 senior/5 junior academics; 10 male/5 female
Besides the organizers and the keynotes (academic and industry) mentioned in the tentative program above, the following academics will participate, as they have experience and a strong interest in designing, conducting, processing, analyzing, and interpreting psychophysiological data: 
Kim Strandberg, Professor, Political Science, Åbo Akademi (FI)
Morten Thomsen, PhD-student, Centre for Journalism, University of Southern Denmark (DK)
Thomas Bjørner, Associate Professor, Aalborg University (DK)
Daniel Barrett, Associate Professor, Copenhagen Business School (DK)
Morten Skovsgaard, Professor WSR, Centre for Journalism, University of Southern Denmark (DK)
(Co-applicant) Jenny Lindholm, Postdoc, Åbo Akademi (FI)
(Main applicant) Lene Heiselberg, Assistant Professor, Centre for Journalism, SDU (DK)


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