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Science needs you!
is looking for participants willing to take part in behavioral experiments.

Expand Your Network, Receive Payment, and Contribute to Science!
By participating in an experiment, you gain firsthand experience with scientific research which is fun! Usually, the experiments are paper or computer-based, individual or group, and involve decision making and solving problems.

Being part of a real scientific experiment allows you to get closer look of how science is conducted. This insight may be relevant for your future job interview or career. You can also meet other participants and expand your social network.

Additionally, you will be paid for your participation in each study. All participants receive a basic show-up fee, and most experiments also have a performance-based or lottery-based component. The experiments may therefore vary in their payment schemes. Payments are either given in vouchers or cash.

Last, but not least, you help researchers to shed some light on yet unrevealed aspects of human behavior.

What you need to know
The experiments typically last around one hour.
You must be 18 years of age or older to participate.
You can only participate once in an experiment.
You need to be registered in Denmark (i.e. have a CPR-number) and have an active NemKonto to be reimbursed in cash.

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Last Updated 23.08.2019