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JUST SOCIETY will offer research-based and tailored interdisciplinary courses on the street-level implementation of redistributive public services and benefits from legal and political perspectives. The courses target practitioners working in or with street-level implementation of the rule of law and public policies as well as for students in relevant MA-programmes.

The courses will include an introductory module on the theoretical foundations of studies of the rule of law and the welfare state, discussing specifically ‘the Nordic model’ in a critical perspective; a series of applied modules concentrating on rights and access to select welfare services or areas of relevance to the course participants; and modules in which course participants identify, explore and develop concrete solutions in practice to challenges to equal access to rights and welfare services in their home countries. The courses will be developed and implemented in collaboration with local partners, including universities, educational institutions, and relevant organizations. The courses will combine on-site and online teaching that aim to provide course participants with strong theoretical and critical solution-orientated mindsets towards their current or future practices.

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Last Updated 31.03.2021