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Historical Perspectives on Current Economics Issues: Big Data and Applications

Dates: 17-28 August

Lecturers: Robert A. Margo, Philipp Ager, Paul Sharp and Christian Møller Dahl

The course is designed to introduce a selection of themes from economic history with a focus on understanding how history impacts on current economic outcomes and debates. The idea is thus not simply to gain an understanding of economic history for its own sake, but most importantly a realization that it is not possible to have a full understanding of the world economy today without knowing how we got there. For example, only history can teach us why economic disparities across and within countries persist. Also certain questions such as how mobile a society is across generations or how fast immigrants assimilate over time can only be answered using “big data” (for example complete individual-level census records). Thus, this course will also provide an introduction to handwritten text recognition and automated linking.

Online registration for the HEDG Summer School 2020 is available from this page.

In the event of the university still being closed for physical access at the time of the summer school, an online solution will be found.

If you have questions please contact course responsible Associate Professor, Philipp Ager  at

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